Oh My Stars

by Charlie Roth

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This is my 7th studio album - the title is significant - the songs are significant - I hope you give it more than one listen and find a song that you can relate to.

Please click on each track for info about credits, inspiration & lyrics


“Finding and sharing the music of artists like Charlie Roth with my audience is the reason I have been presenting my radio show for the last 19 years. I know that when I play a song from "Oh My Stars” it will make some listener's day a little better”
Eddie White The Cosmic Cowboy Café. 2RRR 88.5 Fm, Sydney, Australia

“Charlie Roth goes from strength to strength with every record .. On the new one he makes every note count ..A record he can be right proud of ..Charlie has hit the spot with his new one.
”Noel Casey Dublin FM Dublin, Ireland

“There are always people you've never heard of. Mostly, they're the best ones. One of them is Kurt Rodman, playing like Grady Martin for Marty Robbins. There are always people you cannot hear enough. One of them is Charlie Roth. What a great bunch of clever songs. *Oh my stars* , his new c.d. , is mine. Don't you dare pinch it,”
Doctor Paul van Gelder, Nightjock,VARA Holland

“Charlie Roth..a so talented songwriter, the perfect troubadour for an interesting musical journey ...I love the sensibility in the singing”
Michel Penard (American Roots Music), Radio ISA , La Tour Du Pin, France


released April 13, 2015

The Bands

Charlie Roth & the Healers: Charlie Roth – acoustic guitar (all tracks) harmonica (track 10.11) foot percussion tracks 1.3,10,11 Kurt ‘Lightning’ Rodman – electric guitar, slide guitar, nylon stringed guitar (tracks 2,4.6,7,8,9,12) Tommy Vee - Kala Uke Bass (tracks 2,4.6,7,8,9,12) Dennis Kennedy – drums and percussion (tracks 2,4.6,7,8,9,12)

The Henry Girls: Karen, Lorna and Joleen McLaughlin -Back up Vocals (Tracks 2,4,6,7,8) Lorna McLaughlin –accordion (track 6)

Ring of Kerry: Paul Blondell –fiddle (tracks 4,10) vocal (track 4) Paul Imholte –hammered dulcimer (tracks 4,10) vocal (track 4) Paul Cotton – drum (tracks 4,10) vocal track 4 Carrie Oberg – flute & vocal (track 4)

Jonathan Byrd &The Pickup Cowboys: Jonathan Byrd– backup vocals (tracks 1,9) Johnny Waken – slide guitar (track 1) banjo and saw (track 2) mandolin (track 11) Paul Ford - bass and cello (track 1,3,5,11)


all rights reserved



Medicine Show Records Scotland, UK

The Medicine Show is run by Scots Broadcaster Promoter Rob Ellen. He tends a tour of the Highlands for touring roots musicians. He helped found Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival.
The Highland tour has become a pilgrimage with American Musicians in particular, wishing to trace the roots of the music.
Rob's particular interest, is supporting House Concerts. Rob maintains the Euro House Concert Hub
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Track Name: Mourning You
Mourning You

Mourning you, you, you
Says the bird on the window sill
Ooo, oo, ooo, oo, ooo
Morning dew on my shoes
A walk to clear my head
Every thing you said
still ring true

Missing you, you, you
There's a wind in the willow tree
Ooo, oo, ooo, oo, ooo
A song weeps in there too
Nothing but a breeze,
whispered melodies,
and memories

of a kid in his room so long ago
six strings and hi-fi stereo
all that soul his young ears heard
hanging on every word
hanging on every word

Now you’re free so free
Not tied down by your dreary chains
Ooo, oo, ooo, oo, ooo
Come any time you please
Your songs will remain
Some things in me you’ve changed
Still singing through…Mourning You
Track Name: The Ghost of Hobo Bill
The Ghost of Hobo Bill

Riding on a westbound freight train a specter of cold light
rises off the boxcar floor and wanders thru the night
It’s the ghostly form of Hobo Bill still smiling there inside
Yeah the cold would kill our boy bill but it wasn’t his last ride

The Ghost of Hobo Billy

He never has no mother’s mercy to sooth away his soul
He never had no home to call his own nowhere else to go
so he stayed to haunt that boxcar at night you could hear that little hobo moan
cuz hopping hot shot freight trains was all he’s ever known

The Ghost of Hobo Billy

They say that hobo bill will mysteriously fill
another hobo’s cup with booze
in his bindle he’ll put bullets and loaded dice
stuff a travelin’ man can use
but he’d bounce a railroad bull right off the train
as payback for being mean
by day he’d appear in his shaving mirror
and at night he’d haunt his dream

The Ghost of Hobo Billy

That boxcar is in a bone yard now from the old Meridian line
From outside I heard coughing and a yodelin tune from 1929
Two men were in there laughing and shooting dice I looked inside I was alone
And that boxcar was from the very same train that brought
the singing brakeman home

Along with Hobo Billy
Track Name: Arms of a Gypsy Woman
Arms of a Gypsy Woman

I am lying here wrapped in the arms of a Gypsy Woman
It don’t look like we’re even gonna get out of bed today
I’m so happy to be the man with the hands she’s holding
So I will tell her again and this is what I’ll say:

I’m so happy to be in your arms
So I’m turning off the alarm
Glad to be wrapped in the arms of a Gypsy Woman

Her embrace is the sweetest sensation I’ve ever known
There have been some long sad years of waking up alone
And I know sometimes Gypsies just won’t stay
So I hope she’ll be taking to heart what I have to say:

I’m so happy to be in your arms
So I’m turning off the alarm
Glad to be wrapped in the arms of a Gypsy Woman
Track Name: Five More Minutes
Five More Minutes

Half way up to Dallas
Standing still in a truck
Staring at the angry sky
Pushing our luck

Hailstone up ahead of us
Twister from the south
Wonderin’ what the hell to do
With our hearts up in our mouth

I couldn’t move
I just stood there mesmerized
Mother natures awesome power
built a wall cloud in the sky

Tim said let’s get out of here
it’s bound to come our way
I told him that a highland boy
Don’t see this everyday

Just give me five more minutes
five more minutes
Give me five more minutes
Then we’ll be on our way

I was like that twisted wind
I was an angry troubled child
down tainted streets of sin
I was a whirlwind running wild

My dad tried to tame me down
I thought I knew it all
He used to say it was
like talking to a wall

Five more minutes
sure wish I had five more minutes
Wish I had five more minutes
So I could tell him I heard it all
..solo.. Am D ..Five More Minutes 3 times
so I could tell him I heard it all

Take a little time
Give yourself some space
Gather where your going
Forget about the race
and just take five more minutes
And have a little faith
Track Name: Lady of the West
Lady of the West

Sail away, sail away, sail away from darkness
Sail away, sail away, sail away from death
Sail away, sail away, sail away from sorrow
Sail away, sail away, sail away to the lady of the west

We had no food on the table, no crops in the ground
no hope for the future, no help from the crown
a mass exodus across a bowl of bitter tears
from the eyes of the Irish those terrible years
Yes Erin remembers An Gorta Mor
still homeless, hungry, tired, and poor
we’ve heard of a lady with a lamp lifted high
beside a golden door on the shore


We thought of that lady on the McCorkell Line
that passage meant life and staying was dying
we clung to our rosary beads and prayed
a new life would be made for our families that stayed
and when we arrived just barely alive
just the clothes on our backs more reasons to cry
laid eyes on the help wanted sign there that said
“if you’re Irish you need not apply”


And though the lady tried to turn us away
still huddled together in squalor we stayed
in her shanty town and for very low pay
we fought her wars, we worked as her slaves,
we built her cities, and we laid her rails,
we dug her canals, we cut her trails,
we kept our traditions, we clung to our ways,
and we stand beside her today

Track Name: Jocelyn

Jocelyn sits on a cloud
all sassy and loud
bosses angels around
Jocelyn teaches Moses to dance
Gives him another chance
when he gets it wrong

(chorus)There’s a shadow all over our world
and a big old hole in the shape of a girl
there’s a shadow all over our world
and a big old hole in the shape of a girl

Jocelyn eats cheeseburgers for breakfast
with Dr. Pepper and fruit Tootsie Rolls
Jocelyn is best friends with Jesus
rides her bike when she pleases
on streets made of gold

and she’ll never get old and she’ll never change
and we’ll always have her in the back of our brains
(solo over verse chords)

What’s that in the sky?
Is it heaven? a bird, or it could be
some kind of plane
Some times we wonder why
or if we’ll see her again
we do know Jocelyn’s wants and wishs
for those of us who remain
get through this despair remember to share
and try and take care of each other..
(to chorus)
…with a shadow all over our world…
Track Name: Good

Last night Al fell into the band
Took out a guitar and a mic stand
He’d been dancing with Diane
had a dram glass in his left hand

But the years been kinda rough
Perhaps he’s just lost it or his job sucks
Might be trying to drown his sorrow
I bet his head will hurt tomorrow

Most people want to be good
They’d be good if they could
You might see em down a wrong way
You could’ve caught em on a bad day
Most people want to be kind
Try a little love and they should
might step a bit out of line sometimes
most people want to be good

Besides some bullies on the block
Hitler and Stalin and Saddam Hussein
Most people try to do the right thing
Help keep the world from going insane

It aint getting any easier to
Rise above all this insanity
Take the high road when we disagree
Have some more faith in humanity

Track Name: Rae Ann
Rae Ann

My wanderin’ dusty boots walked through our doorway
I’d been on the road for way too many days
I saw your empty closet and
the letter that you left me on the table
that said I left you lonely
It read I heard you on the radio
You sounded like a star
I wouldn’t want to slow you down
On the road to where you are

Rae Ann I am broken down and weary
Rae Ann I need you here to heal me
It seems I’ve left the candle burning at both ends
I want you as my lover and I need you as my friend
And if you would please come home
So I could leave you again

I tried to be a carpenter but I’m too much a dreamer
I am afraid I might lose a finger
I’d work for the man with a retirement plan
But it wouldn’t be fair because my heart isn’t there
I got this guitar when I was very young
It’s part of what I am and what I have become
And I know it’s a hard thing that I’m asking you..

Track Name: Imma Maker Happy
Imma Maker Happy

Well she’s drop dead pretty as a gal can be
I’d be happy with her most definitely
But when she gets mad aint no use to put up a fight
Cus when she aint happy no one happy
Imma maker happy tonight

Some day I’ll buy a car just to drive her around
We’ll make a mess a trouble in this old town
I’ll grab her by the hand and never let her out of my sight
Cus when she aint happy no one happy
Imma maker happy tonight

If I had to do it over wouldn’t change a thing
I’d walk her down the isle and I’d give her a ring
I’d move on in and pray to God she don’t bite
Cus when she aint happy no one happy
Imma maker happy tonight
Track Name: Last Letter Waltz
Last Letter Waltz

There were birds among the trees it was springtime
Two lovers lips inclined to whistle their song
But were otherwise entwined in a farewell kiss
And her eyes said she would miss him so long
And her eyes said she would miss him so long

There were clouds among the stars it was twilight
The ground seemed to shudder and sway
They knew first light meant the end of their last night
then the drums and pipes would play
then the drums and pipes would play

There was wind in the sails he was war bound
She waved her handkerchief along the pier
memories remain of that last night will sustain her
as well as the words whispered dear
the words of love he whispered so dear

An old woman on the beach is holding
The last letter from her lover stained with tears
She reads again the words of clouds, stars, and birds
As she’s done on this day for forty years
As she’s done on this day for forty years
Track Name: Carter's Tune
Carter’s Tune

After the rain puddles remain
Come on little buddy come on
Go and get your rubber boots on
We’ll catch some frogs in the lawn
I was once a tadpole just like you

You got a stick I got a cane pole
Come on little buddy come on
We’ll go hike in the woods
You use yours for a rifle
I use mine for a cane
Gonna shoot some bad guys all day long

You got a Mustang I drive a Camaro
Come on little buddy come on
Lets make a drag strip on the table
Pop a wheelie squeal out
Make a motor sound with your mouth
mine’s got a souped up super charged 396
You got a fast back…1964…and a half

You got a fort made from blankets
Come on little buddy come on
Go up to the stuffed critter zoo
Bring back a little buddy or two
Got some little guests in there
Grandpa’s got to sit in his chair awhile
Grandpa’s got to sit in his chair

Supper’s ready little buddy
better go wash your hands
Track Name: Oh My My
Oh My My

Oh my my you’re sure lookin’ fine babe
Light reflects your pretty face in that glass of wine
The kids are grown and gone and we’re all alone
Hey slide on over here let’s stop wasting time

As the hour glass has passed each grain of sand
We have walked this world hand in hand
It ain't always been easy but we had a plan
Oh my my it’s sure has been grand

It’s a simple song and history will show
that we planted love and made a garden grow

Oh my my is that you crying
I’m here waiting for your angel wings to fly
High above the clouds and far up in the great beyond
You will hear me sing and know
that I’m not really gone

High above the clouds and far up in the great beyond
You will hear me sing and know
that I’m not really gone

Oh my my – Oh my my

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